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Global Chemicals Nepal

Manufacturer of Gum Rosin & Turpentine Oil in Nepal

We are the producers of two of the most versatile raw materials Gum Rosin and Turpentine Oil required by 100 plus industries today, which we manufacture with the help of a huge team of over 200 people working in different departments moving towards the same direction of producing quality products. 

The biggest value proposition we are adding is by collecting the Resins from pine trees every year which would be wasted if not extracted every year. This product is given naturally by certain pine trees available in the middle range of mountain region of Nepal. It is then transported from deep inside the jungle to the factory and then processed to make Gum Rosin and Turpentine oil which is then exported from Nepal.  

The extraction process is researched and approved worldwide and by the Government of Nepal. There are also new research going on for better quality of extraction and we too conduct our own research as well.