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Global Chemicals Nepal

Manufacturer of Gum Rosin & Turpentine Oil in Nepal

Impact towards the Community and Country

We are making huge impact in the rural parts of Nepal and for our country as it is exported and bring foreign exchange.

There is huge impact directly and much more indirectly. If we taken an example of working in 1 community forest where 4 labors are working then we give employment to 4 labors, 1 forest supervisors and 1 company staff to manage the work done. So total employment given is 6 people.

Now if we check the indirect impact

  1. For these 4 labors to stay, 2 rooms are given on rent by the locals. Also a part of land is taken in rent to keep the empty tins and resins (Rental Income 2000x 8 = 16000)
  2. A local shop there sells food and other requirements to labors. (4 x 4000 x 8 = 128,000/season revenue to the shop)
  3. 1000's of empty tins and vessels needs to be transported beginning of the season. So around 20 people work to get the job done.
  4. After the season 1000's full tins each of 18Kg approx needs to be transported. So around 40-50 people would work to get the job done or it may also be outsourced to local groups who transport goods by the use of Mule (donkeys).
  5. Then for this quantity we would pay royalty to community forest where there are around 40-60 members.

As you can see working in 1 community forest helps generate 6 direct employments and indirectly it has impacted 140 people and has given them opportunity to earn, which then helps in development of that region.

Imagine working on 80-100-community forest. Direct employment would be approx. 700 and indirect impact to locals would be 14000 people, which is huge. There is no discrimination on Race, Cast and gender in our company. Those whoever whats to work gets the opportunity to work.


This impact is just towards the collection of Resins. There are another set of around 20 people working in the manufacturing unit in Dhangadhi, Nepal to manufacture the pine resins into Gum Rosin and Turpentine oil. 


Our company also helps the farmers and local people help sell their products. During the past few years we had seen that a lot of agricultural products were getting wasted due to unavailability of buyers in Rural Nepal. So we took their product information and connected them with potential buyers.